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International Oil & Commodities

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We are a global trading organisation, specialising in the natural resources sector with a focus on oil, gas, metals, and minerals. The business has evolved from our roots in London and Europe into a global business engaged in trade for Asia, Africa, and the Americas.
With over 30 years of experience in over 40 countries, Ainstar’s team are a highly skilled group of experts, who provide the strategic and operational considerations necessary to deliver solutions while understanding and taking account of practical local issues. Based on this depth of knowledge and real-world experience we can look to the future.


As commerce and trade has become ever more global the United Arab Emirates has become our home. However, we have not changed our core values they continue to reflect the professional background of our people our ongoing commitments to clients and our responsibilities to the environments in which we operate.





Ainstar is an entrepreneurial company with strong client values. We are proud to have worked with industry-leading businesses and equally delighted to have made friends in local clients.